Dear SHINee,

Thank you. That’s all I have to say. Thank you for working so hard to make us shawols happy. Thank you for making such beautiful music with your flawless voices that make me cry tears of joy. Thank you for teaching me to work hard and never give up. Thank you for making me laugh my ass off every time I watch a variety show with you guys in it. Thank you for being so sexy and good looking and perfect. Thank you for basically giving up your personal lives for us. Thank you for helping me get through tough times. Thank you for your music that calms me when I feel like I want to die. Thank you for making me spazz and making me so excited and happy when you release a new album/music video. Thank you again, for working so hard.

Thank you Onew, for always smiling, laughing, being the best leader you possibly can be. Thank you for your amazing voice that soothes me. Thank you for helping the other immature members come back to their senses. Thank you for being so cute and handsome. Thank you for putting on a brave face and smiling, even though you may be hurting on the inside.

Thank you Jonghyun. Thank you for your high notes and incredible singing voice that makes SHINee shine. Thank you for bringing personality and craziness to the group. Thank you for laughing and goofing off to make us shawols happy. Thank you for the abs, they’re pretty sexy. Thank you for working extremely hard. Thank you, for always remembering and thanking us shawols.

Thank you Key, for being absolutely perfect at everything. Thank you for your laugh, your swag dance moves, your style, and your flawless face. Thank you for being such a good girl group dancer. Thank you for making me believe that anyone can do anything. Thank you for being crazy. Thank you for making me smile on a gloomy day, because you always brighten it when you’re around.

Thank you Minho, for being so sweet and charming. Thank you for winning all the sports competitions. Thank you for acting in such good dramas. Thank you for your deep voice that gets me every time. Thank you for your unique raps that I can never do. Thank you for being so tall and hot, that it makes Jonghyun go crazy. Thank you for never giving up until you win.

Thank you Taemin. Thank you for being the kind, innocent, beautiful maknae you are. It must be hard being the maknae, so thank you for cutely pulling it off. Thank you for being so respectful. Thank you for your perfect dancing that makes me love you. Thanks for making SHINee one of the best dance groups. Thank you for trying your best at everything you do to make the shawols happy. Thank you for always smiling. Thank you for encouraging me to work hard. Thank you for making me smile every time I see you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my bias <3

Thank you SHINee, for being perfect. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for the music, the dances, the dramas, the variety shows. Thank you for trying your absolute best. Thank you for having so much chemistry and charisma as a group. Thank you for making my life brighter, happier, SHINee-er. Thank you SHINee. Happy 5th Anniversary and I know you will make it farther then the stars. I love you guys. Again, Thank you. Thank you, for being you.

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